Sunday, September 7, 2008

Movin' On Up

* The winds of fall are ushering change here in the Wonderful household*
Little Amelie "graduated" from her Sunday School class today and is movin' on up to the big kids' class!
Where did the time go?
Seems like yesterday it was her first day of nursery
(which, I'll have you know, didn't occur until she was 10 months old, I have a little problem letting go =)
And, coincidentally, today was Maeve's first day of nursery (she is 10 and 1/2 months old, maybe by the 3rd child I won't have a problem putting them in nursery...we'll see).
She ?seemed? ok when we picked her up--but was definitely recovering from a crying fit--she was
hic hic hic hic 'ing
a bit but has recovered and is taking a nap.
I think that's enough change for one day, don't you?

Off to stir and fry my lunch!


Devin said...

I was feeling a little nostalgic with my post last night too...glad I'm not the only mommy who wonders where on earth the time is going!

Brie said...

Oh, Amelie looks so cute in the dress!! I am so happy!

Emily said...

I have put Audrey in the nursery TWICE, and neither time on purpose. Hmmm, that would make a good blog post.
LOVE the dresses. Can't believe A's getting so big!

charmed1 said...

M looks like she wants to escape :)

Madre said...

At least babygirl's first day in the nursery didn't involve her clinging to your leg and crying when you tried to leave! The first time your brothers were left in nursery, I had one on each leg.....not pretty! They were probably 18months old....cause we had just started attending CBC.