Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Er...Let Me Transfer You To "Mr. Smith...." Crackle Buzz Spaz Zip

My cell isn't working
(cry me a river)
I called At&t
explained the problem 15 times to a very nice lady
who had to transfer me to a new department
i knew i was in trouble as soon as she said that she was transferring me to...
"mr. smith"
(and, "this might take a while, we're having problems with our phone lines"
--um att , forgive me if i'm wrong, but shouldn't the phone company be the one organization in the world immune from phone problems?!?)
"mr. smith" was obviously from india and smoke barley
(wah?? somehow i just typed smoke barley instead of spoke barely--weird) discernible english
i had to re explain my problem 15 times to him--
he took me through the longest set of unintelligible trouble shooting steps ever
i had to ask him to repeat a million times
and just as soon as he was convinced my phone really was defective
i lost the connection
and screamed
miraculously he came back and just thought i was a bimbo who wasn't answering his questions
and now i have a new phone on the way
(what am i going to do for the next 5 business days?!?)
"mr. smith" (if that is your real name) thank you for your help, but seriously, a rose by any other name is still a man in india speaking barely discernible english or smoking barley or something...


Emily said...

ugh. I am with you there. Those call centers in India are the worst idea ever.

Sarah said...

I think I just spit iced tea on my computer when you said "smoke barley." Ha!

Do you think our hero, Palin, could do something about all the outsourcing to India?! That would be nice!

charmed1 said...

That is very frustrating. I'm sure there are plenty of people here in the good ol' US of A that could do a job that like. And I bet you could even understand them! I'm thinkin he was smoking something other than barley...

Julie said...

I talked to a guy on the phone yesterday, and I think he seriously WAS smoking something - I swear I could hear it.

Yeah, I agree with charmed1 about people in the US being capable of doing the job (and speaking better english) than the people in India. I mean, I'm sure people in India need jobs too, but come ON!! Let them work for companies who need people that can speak languages OTHER than english.

Ree said...

OHH I know what you mean!! WHYYYY in the world would you hire someone who could BARELY (not barley--LOL) speak a word of English to field customer service calls and help them troubleshoot????

Madre said...