Monday, September 29, 2008

The Maintenance Man Moron

The M.M. has struck again!
He came on Friday to "fix" the ceiling--
I expected him to sand the joint compound and paint over it--easy right?
{I'm pretty sure Maeve could have done it}
However, after 30 minutes in the bathroom (which had to be 30 minutes in the middle of nap time, even though I asked him politely to come ANY OTHER TIME OF THE DAY) he came out and said:
"Well, I'm done. The paint doesn't match. I don't know what to tell you--you can look at it if you want."
With fear and trembling I headed to the bathroom to see that:
a. he hadn't sanded the seam properly--it was still bumpy and funky and raised
b. he had painted over the matte white bathroom ceiling paint with BRIGHT WHITE HIGH GLOSS
c. had painted some of the cream colored flat paint walls with the same BRIGHT WHITE HIGH GLOSS
I walked calmly back out to the living room and politely declared...
"Well, it's quite noticeably different."
His reply?
"Well, I don't know what to tell you, at least it looks better, right?"
What a special guy--
I asked him to leave and have decided to live with as opposed to ever seeing his face again.
The End.


Julie said...

And this guy is supposed to be a maintenance man?? Please tell me that you can complain to the manager of your apartment (and that the manager is NOT also the maintenance man)

charmed1 said...

I'd be with holding rent until it was fixed properly. You don't have to deal with that. Say something!

tjskidsncritters said...

You know, I just finished renovating our downstairs (ask the grandparents of the east for references). If you need some "professional" work done, I would be more than happy to help!!
Seriously, you have rights as renters, check the state of NJ website, I believe there is a link for more info.

Pamela said...

Maybe you should tell the girls it's mural day in the bathroom. Because, heck, if the management doesn't care, as they apparently don't, go crazy and enjoy yourselves.

Melody said...

Sounds like it will be a lovely party!

I tagged you to do a "Six Random Things" meme.