Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Amelie Says AND I've Got The Big Girl Birthday Party Blues

Amelie went to her first big girl birthday party today
(i.e. without me).
When I was explaining to her that she was going to stay at the party without me she said:
"But Mama, you have to go to the party!!"
"Why Amelie? You'll be fine! You'll have fun!"
"I know that Mama, but how will I get there? I can't drive and I don't know the way to her white house!"
At least I know I'll be useful in the chauffeur department
(for a while anyways =)


A Repletion of Reverie said...

Hey! It's nice to know you'll be needed until they're 17!!! Oh, this is Ryan by the way.

Madre said...

You know your babygirl is grown up when she realizes the importance of travel arrangements!

Sheri said...

wow-without you!!!! Who's the brave mom that had a bunch of 3 years old over without their parents- wow! I don't think I would do that:) ha ha