Thursday, September 18, 2008

Drab and Dreary, Weak and Weary

What a long long long couple of days (and NIGHTS) it has been without my husband.
My beautiful babies plumb suck the life right out of me!
Our days have gone fairly smoothly--but the witching hours of 5-7 are killin' me!
Luckily, I got a little pick me up from Bible study today-I'm so thankful that it finally started back up at church again--I'm so far from where I should be spiritually-
-I'm thankful for God's reminders and gentle proddings that push me back in the proper direction.
-I'm thankful for His people who never cease to encourage me.
-I'm so thankful that my girls are sleeping so I can spend some quiet time reading the Word.
-I'm so thankful that my other half comes home tomorrow-
-I have a terrible time functioning without him
(it's a symbiotic relationship I say)
Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow!


Madre said...

Praise the LORD for husbands! Daddeo and I prayed for your man's safe and speedy return to your lovely little family. Sweet dreams, my daughter!

Madre said...

P.S. I like your songs! Do you think I could get something like that on my BLOG???? Of course, no one would want to play my old fashioned songs!!! ha ha
check my blog out....I finally added a new story :o)

BluSkies80 said...

i'm with you on the long dreary week. it was nice seeing you today!

this doesn't have anything to do with your post but I LOVE moulin rouge too-the music takes my breath away-love the new little ipod thingy and i really loved listening to that song=)

theweaver said...

What study are you doing this fall?!? Just wondering. Have you every thought about doing blog design for some extra $$$?!? Just a thought.

Pamela said...

Five to seven is the worst. Sometimes I think we could use two adults per child in our house at that time. We are seriously outnumbered. Hope you have a lovely time with Mr. Wonderful today.

Devin said...

Oh, I can so relate to your feelings on this one.

My hubby was gone last week for four days--I seriously thought I was going to die. No, not kidding. All three, all day, with no help? Ridiculous.

I was so glad when he came home 12 hours early and surprised me. It might as well have been Christmas!

Hope he is back, safe and sound, and that you two are enjoying each other's company right now!