Saturday, September 13, 2008

An Apple A Day {Will Send You To Debter's Prison}

I had the bright idea today to take my family apple picking
(I'm dying to make homemade applesauce!!)

Upon looking up the prices I saw that not only did you have to pay to ride out to the apple field, you also had to pay $1.49 a pound for apples!

A pound of apples is like 3 of the things! Yikes! You can buy 3 pounds of apples at Wegmans for $3 and all you have to do is slide the bag into your cart!

In NY my Madre paid .50 cents a pound to pick her own...

The moral of the story is--don't pick your own apples in South Jersey.

Here's another picture you might enjoy--while searching for apple pictures on the web this is one that came up! Yikes!


maren said...

Yeah for homemade Apple Sauce! I am making homemade Apple Butter right now from people who were getting rid of apples from their tree! Can't beat free! I hope you find them somewhere cheaper as it takes so many apples to make sauce/apple butter!

Sarah said...

we usually go to schober's (mullica hill?) it's not pick your own, but they're great christian people. for sauce, we usually get the 2nds (try to find anything wrong with them!) and i think they're about $5 for a HUGE basket. by the way, you should post a warning before scaring us with deranged apple pictures!

~Dawn~ said...

I'm confident I know the place you speak of here! I agree that it's a bit pricey here. Here's a funny note from the day we went corn-picking: there were 2 gentlemen with their kids who joined us on the hayride out to the cornfield.. these guys (and their kids) picked all the corn they could possibly get in their hands. I wanna say they had a good 3 armfuls...When we got back to the store front, with our pickings in hand, they headed right for their mini-van! A light bulb must've went off and the one man turned to us and asked if they had to pay for the corn!! I almost felt bad when we answered yes! If you could have seen this guy look down at the corn and then back up at us.. It was priceless!
I would have loved to see how much they paid.

Brie said...

LOL, that last picture of kind of how apples would look to me if I was trying to make my own applesauce! I am trying to learn to cook, but for now? Pass the Motts!!! You go, girl!!!

Madre said...


whew that was one scarey apple

I hope I don't have bad dreams after that one ;0)