Friday, September 5, 2008

A Taste Of CNY

Our new favorite group--brought to our attention at my brother's wedding--Amelie was a bit edgy during the reception so Mr. Wonderful took her outside on the deck where a random folky group--Ma Gump and the Mudslinger were performing. The "group" was a chick singing and a man playing guitar poorly and singing poorly. Apparently they invited Amelie to Karaoke ABC's with them and liked her so much they gave us their CD. Now, here is just a taste of their "wonderful" CD that we had to listen to for most of the 6 hour drive home (per Amelie's request of course). ENJOY!

01 Track 1.wma


Julie said...

Okay, is it just me, or did she change the lyrics of pretty much ALL of the songs??

Well, although it wasn't a big hit for me, Puckey was a big fan, and is already requesting I play it again. Guess I should have waited until naptime to play that one.

dang it.

A Jersey Girl said...

Wow Shelly, that was good stuff. 6 hours you say, doesn't seem quite long enough to REALLY enjoy it:)


Madre said...

why did I think that they recorded AMELS singing? I would have much perfered that ! :O)