Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Indecision 2008: Update

The day, the big day is drawing near...
Guess who still hasn't decided WHERE the girls' "Almost Birthday" Party will be?
Yep. That's right...it's me.
But I am making progress!
Food: brunchy type and the theme is pink... Check!
Drink: pink juice boxes and pink lemonade... Check!
Tableware: Pink...Check!
Balloons: Pink again, will pick up the morning of the affair... Check!
Activities: Dress up, Bubbles (BIG bubbles..I wonder if I can make them pink?), Bouncer thingy, two easy crafts, I should talk my BIL's Girl, Ali, into teaching a dance lesson--but the boys might stage a rebellion as this party is already very pink! =) Check!
Birthday Outfits: Well, you've already seen, that's a Check!
Two Cute Birthday Girls: Check!
RSVP's: Check!
Out of State Relatives: Granny of the North and Cousin Claire Check!
Now, if only the weather would cooperate and I could have the "event' outside...time will tell!


~Dawn~ said...

Ok, Michelle, this has nothing whatsoever to do with this post... (though I loved it!)...

I couldn't wait to get to work today and send you a message about my class last night. Once we all got settled in and the instructor took attendance, we turned on our computers for a typing test... Well the instructional video was hosted by a virtual teacher named "Mavis Beacon"!! When the instructor said it aloud, I had been fidgeting thru my pens etc.. and immediately spun around at the name! Instantly, I thought of you!! LOL I remember seeing the name on your blog somewhere. It just struck me as so funny... I had to share that with you. I'm crazy.

Madre said...

yes, dawn, mavis beacon was a part of my family's growing up. We homeschooled and used mavis as a typing tutor....as a matter of fact, my husband still occasionally pecks along trying to learn how to type with more than one finger :o) signed, shell's momma, alias "madre"

Ali said...

I would more than love to teach a little dance class for amelie and her friends! Actually i have a couple boys in my class so im sure i could make it not too girly in there favor lol. I can't wait to see all the pink docorations and outfits and I'll be praying for sunny weather~!