Monday, September 29, 2008

The Gifting Granny and Pop-Pop of the East STRIKE AGAIN!

Seriously Granny? Cutest Stuff Ever! The outfit on the right for Maeve!

Matching coats for the girls!

Super fun brown cord dress with matching shirt for Amelie!

And some other super cute stuff I couldn't find pictures of (think black and white dresses, black boots and brown ugg type boots for Amels).

Granny and Pop-pop ROCK!

And for some more super cute clothes--check out this website!


Julie said...

How awesome!!! Your girls will be quite the fashionistas this fall! (As if they weren't already)

Sarah said...

Follicle envy has met its match with clothing envy over here!

Sheri said...

I agree- they totally rock!