Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Want My Husband Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband's "wonderful" high school goes on a stinkin' two night camping extravaganza every single year. Bleck. This is the week and he just left and I'm already sad!
(I know, it's only two nights but it's two nights too many!)
I hate being alone--it's my numero uno phobia/annoyance
in life
(right next to chickens of course)
Seriously, can't live without the guy. Especially since this is the week that I have to supervise the idiot repair man AND the fire inspector (who called me sweetie pie last year).
I love you honey, come back soon and save me. And another thing. You owe me!


Brie said...

I think he owes you a night out to scrapbook and watch Gossip Girl!! :-D

Megan and Company said...


Wanna come over on Friday and let the kid run amok in the back yard?

Weather looks perfect.

Pamela said...

Mine goes away for days at a time to do the sound engineering for retreats/concerts/what-do-I-care-what-the-event-is-he's-not-home.

This week he leaves sometime Friday and comes back Sunday night after the short people are in bed.

I hear your blech.

Pamela said...

And you enjoy my blog! Hooray!