Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Common Law of Multi-Causality: Because It's A Good Day For A Rant

There's been a whole lot of political talk lately--
it's hard not to get swept up into it all
and I'm no expert but I wanted to share something that's been bugging me for a while--
Let's call it, "The Law Of Multi-Causality"
Simply put--everything that happens in our lives, in our neighborhoods, our country
--happen because of more than one specific event--
let me elaborate,
President Bush is not the entire reason our country is currently having financial or foreign or moral (etc.) problems
As president, he serves as a scapegoat for many who long to point the finger of blame and declare,
"I have NOT (or naught) and it's all because of him"
I would just like to state for the record that:
a. He was elected by popular vote of the American people, twice.
b. He is supported by the Senate, House of Representatives, and other elected (again, by the American people) officials
c. our government is FULL of checks and balances to power so that no one branch of government is all-powerful
I am sick to death of President Bush being blamed for all of the various problems our country is faced with--I'm NOT saying that he's perfect
(we are all FAR from me, especially ME!)
he's human and has been PLACED in office by "US"!
He couldn't possibly have predicted that during his presidency our country would be attacked, the stock market would plummet as a result, interest rates would tumble and eventually drive up home sales-and what goes up must come down-
and when it DID come down somehow it was his fault
--I'm sorry, but every bubble must burst, things change, plans fail--
yes, we're at war--spending valuable LIVES and resources fighting far from home and I can assure you President Bush doesn't love war
--I can't imagine what a difficult decision it must have been to commit to one--
thankfully, most of us will never be shouldered with that burden--but he was supported in going by the people "we" elected to make decisions with him.
So, the economy is a bit scary--gas prices are high--again, NOT his fault-
-supply and demand people,
SIMPLE economics and unfortunately high gas prices raise prices everywhere else, it's the nature of the beast called Capitalism
(and gas is coming down, haven't you seen? supply and demand)
Money is tight? The answer isn't government support--it's cutting out the extras, going back to school to get a better degree for a better paying job, making sacrifices--
Life is tough all over, but you can't blame the President--it just doesn't make sense.
So, you say you didn't' cast your vote for him?
That's the way the democracy cookie crumbles!
Campaign harder, fight more, speak loudly for the candidate you believe in but don't for a minute try to convince me that all of the problems of America can be solved with a new president, or party.
The problems we face as Americans can only truly be remedied by God.
No man has the power to give us new hearts, new outlooks and new lives --
Only Jesus, only He, can bring redemption to our hearts and our country.
oh yeah, and GO PALIN!
(just had to throw that in there, you know, just cause)


Julie said...

Preach ON, SISTA!! Isn't it funny when things are going good, it's because of what EVERYONE is doing, but when it's going bad, there is usually only one scapegoat?!?

(And GO PALIN!!)

Devin said...

You know Shelly, I couldn't agree with you more. I get so tired of all the Bush bashing. You made such a good point to say that we elected him--twice. I understand the argument of those who didn't vote for him, but again, that is democracy. Fight harder for your candidate next time, but don't condemn every single act the current administration is doing just because you are bitter that your 'guy' didn't get in.

Speaaking of that...Palin better get in there! *ahem, I mean, McCain.* HA!

charmed1 said...

I'm going to be the odd man out here. I disagree that Bush was elected the first time. Anyone remember all the drama that surrounded his "first" election? If Gore had had a set then he would have won that election and not let Bush's brother in Florida pull off the bogus ballots in Florida.

War is a $ machine. Why do you think JFK was shot? Because he was going to end Vietnam. I don't agree with this war Bush has started. Someone has yet to explain to me what Iraq had to do with 9/11. It was Osama behind that correct? I don't think he was in Iraq. Bush had to finish something that his Daddy couldn't so many years ago.

Has anyone ever really watched that man talk? He is a moron! I will agree that everything isn't solely his fault but he certainly has a BIG hand in it.

IMO the last decent president we had was Clinton. And he was booted from office for a ridiculous reason. That issue had to do with him and his wife - not with the way that he was running this country.

Going to get down off my soapbox now. Talking politics can rub people the wrong way. But hey,everyone is entitled to their opinion....

Shelly said...

i'm glad you have opinions jess, you'd be boring without them =) you rock.
(and i'd rather have a clinton in the whitehouse than B.O. myself =)

A Jersey Girl said...

Wow Shelly, you really opened yourself this time. Glad to see some opposing views made the comment list.

Me, voted for Bush twice. The first time because I wanted to the second because my husband was working for him, I had a baby on the way and need a paycheck to keep coming.

I have been lucky to meet the President & Mrs Bush a few times at the White House, friends we are not, but he is a very nice man and I do not disagree with all his politics, but some as I do with most people.

I agree that there is blame enough to go around, but as Harry Truman said, "The Buck Stops Here".