Thursday, September 18, 2008

Maeve--The 10 Month Old Cleaning Genius *Wonder* Child Extraordinaire

Today as Amelie was building towers and pyramids and castles, Maeve decided to have a little fun of her own--"Wonder-style" --she started cleaning up ALL of the blocks! I knew she had to be our child when at 10 months, she couldn't help but compulsively clean up the toys =) See her here, in action!


Julie said...

I loved it when A said, "I'm cleaning, too!!"

We call Puckey our little Green Eyed Monster because whenever we praise The Jib for doing something, Puckey has to jump right in and do it too.

Kids are so cool.

Ree said...

Lucky you!! Hopefully she'll keep THAT up!! The 2 wonderbabes are sooooo cute!!!