Sunday, September 28, 2008

Six Unspectacular Things

My friend, Charity, tagged me with a challenge to delineate "Six Unspectacular Things" about me! Well, that shouldn't be hard, I find that most everything about me is unspectacular =) Ha!

1. I make all the beds in my house every. single. day. and even though NO ONE ever sees them made, it makes me feel happy.

2. Paper products inspire, within my heart, a desperate longing to get back into the classroom.

3. I pluck my eyebrows every day (otherwise I'd look like Chewbacca).

4. I want to have two more children with equally rare/unusual names as my first two (the names must be unusual merely for the fact that it would be sad if one could find their name on a key chain, mug, pencil at a store and the others couldn't--I'm all about fairness in life).

5. Paradise on earth, for me, is located in upstate NY.

6. I am counting down the minutes until I can start working on my Master's Degree in Library Science.

I'm not sure who to tag, so if you decide to do it, drop me a comment =) I love a good meme!


Pamela said...

My paradise is Upstate NY, too.

Sheri said...

I think your reason for names in number 4 is really funny!:) Fairness- nice!

Good for you for wanting to do your Masters....and 2 more kids! WOW!