Monday, September 8, 2008

A Few of My Favorite (Addictive) Things

My friend Em was playing a little game of bloggy-tag and I thought I'd join in--the order of the day? Name your addictions...

*Mr. Wonderful* I literally can't be with him enough. He completes me. For realz.

*Baby Cheeks* They are delicious (toddler cheeks are too). I just can't get enough of my sweet girls and their kissable, squeezable, delectable faces.

*ebay* buying and selling, buying and selling--Houston we have a problem here!

*Gail Carson Levine* My favorite author--I just got a load of her books out of the library and have seriously been neglecting housework because of it. She writes wonderful, romantic, dreamy stories for young adults--Love Her!

*RiceKrispieTreats* Well, they are my approximation of rice krispie treats which I learned to make at Cedarville--you place 1/2 tsp butter in a bowl with a handful of mini marshmellows, melt them in the micro, stir in a bunch o krispies and throw in a generous handful of mini chocolate chips--HEAVEN (just don't tell anyone that I eat them for breakfast occasionally=)

*Bones* I just finished season 1-a most excellent show (my favorite addictive tv? Gilmore girls or the "gillmey ladies" as amelie calls them, i'm naming my next daughter Lorelai, I am not making this up)

*crafting*My current craft obsession is making tutu's....FUN!

That's all for the moment. Ta-ta for now!


maren said...

Shouldn't that be "tu-tu" for now? HAHAHA ! Your list was fun to read! I used to make those rice krispy treats at Cedarville, but haven't thought of them in years. Now I'm drooling. Thanks for the fun-ness! THANKS!

Madre said...

My list:

1)Food: CHAI TEA
2)Past time:LOOKING at my daughter's blog
3)Going for walks
5)Fav' show: so you think you can dance