Thursday, September 11, 2008

Awkward Moments--Because they just keep coming

I ordered a cute (clearance) baby dress from BabyGap
and have been awaiting it's arrival
I checked the UPS tracking number online religiously to see when it should appear
Yesterday it was finally
*out for delivery*
I watched the hours tick away and couldn't believe dinner time was approaching and still no package (they usually come around lunch time)
I was dressed in an outrageously horrid outfit--bleach stained, flour smeared skirt, stretched out maternity tank top from back in the day, weird messy bun, glasses (scary)
and opened the door to let some air in while yelling to my husband who was down the hall--
And as I looked outside there he was--the man in brown--who heard everything I said and replied,
"I'm right here, Ma'am."
"Oh! There you are! (blush, cower, stammer) Have a good afternoon!"
I'm a crackhead.
The end.


Pamela said...

The UPS man has been quite the subject in our house. It seems that Miss O completely misunderstood what we were saying when we said UPS. Only we found out too late. One spring day, when the warm breeze was blowing, and we had opened all the windows and doors to air out the hous, she saw the UPS man walking up the sidewalk to our house. She ran to the front door screaming, "THE PENIS MAN IS HERE!!!!! THE PENIS MAN IS HERE!!!!" about ninety seventeen times. The poor man was practically purple with embarassment. And so was I.

Shelly said...

oh man! that is horrible AND hilarious! HA!

Ree said...

That's the way it always goes..isn't it?? LOL

A Jersey Girl said...

So Funny! Thanks for sharing!


Sheri said...

:) Ahhhhhh, sounds like something I would do!:)

charmed1 said...

We've all been there at one time or another :)