Friday, October 31, 2008

Wish Fulfillment: All of your questions answered

Well friends, Alice has done it again and readily responded to all of your queries
(her words in bold)--Enjoy her sage opinions =) Pamela asked, "How do they make Marshmallows?"

Alice answers: "Like pumpkins. My teacher knows how to make them."

Sarah also submitted questions:
Alice, what do you think of national health care?

National health care is where they fly in the sky. How about barbie? Mariposa flies in the sky too.

How many monkeys can fit in a Volkswagen?
Lots. 10 (holds 10 fingers up)

What color is heaven?
Blue because he (Jesus) likes blue. I like pink.

Where do tears come from?
They come from the shower water and give you a bloody eye.
Julie wanted to know:

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
A lot.
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
Why can bumblebees fly but chickens can't?
Chickens can't because they just walk only barbie mariposa can fly.

Why does the Queen of Hearts play croquet with flamingos?
I don't know what that is.

How does a 3 year old go from sweet and smiley to crying and frowning in under 2 seconds?
Everytime I supposed to cry like a baby

Uncle Frank asked:
What makes the ocean stop at the shore?
God does because that's the way He likes it.

Granny of the North wanted to know:
Hey Alice, how does a Grannie ever get enough of her grandchildren?
I want to see Granny Blue Swing.

There you have it friends! If you ever meet another unanswerable question you know who to ask =)

A Note To All Of The Phake Phillies Phans

Dear Phair Weather Phillies Phans:
You know--it's not cool to like the Phillies just because they won the world series.
(Just because a bandwagon rolls into town doesn't mean that you have to jump up on it)
And South Jersey Phans--just because you live near Philly doesn't mean you are from Philly or a Phillie or a Phan of one.
So stop pretending to be an honorary citizen because you live a stone's throw away
(Sarah Palin can see Russia but that dosen't give her diplomatic immunity)
Stop clogging up my highways and byways on your way to the stinkin' parade.
(which is on 6 of our 8 channels)
That is all.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

All Hail **Master** Wonderful!!!!

It's official!
My husband's transcripts are in and he has completed his Master's in Music Education!
It was a longgggg 1.5 years of late late nights and hard work but he's done!
Yay honey!
I'm SO proud of you and your accomplishments.
You are amazing and smart and talented and I'm so thankful to have such a hard working husband!
I love you Master honey pie!

Ask Alice: Your Burning Questions Answered Here

Amelie is Alice In Wonderland For Halloween...See here:
"Alice" is full of all sorts of wisdom--How would you like to test her out?
Ask "Alice" any burning question you have about politics or religion or pop culture and I'll relay her answer.
She's already shared some excellent pearls of wisdom with me this morning--case in point:
Shelly: "Hey Alice, who do you think should be the next President? Obama or Mc Cain?"
Alice: "M(gobeldygook)Cain."
Shelly: "Why?"
Alice: "Because God wants it that way."
Right on sistah =)
So--ask away and Alice will know--because her cuteness is her most outstanding qualification *wink*
I wonder where she learned that from?
Har har...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

For Mr. Wonderful...

*********************YAY PHILLIES!!!!!!!****************

The Sky Looks Like It Wants To....


The Lord (You Know, The Other One...)

Did you watch Dancing With The Stars last night?
I admit, I'm not a regular viewer but I had to tune in when I saw that Michael Flatley, *The Lord Of The Dance,* was going to be guest judging/performing.
Seeing him dance brought me back--way back--to high school.
My friends and I were a little obsessed (some more than others) with watching Riverdance and later Lord of the Dance.
We even learned how to do folk dancing and would practice whenever we got together (remember Em?).
We had so much goodcleanfun together back in the day!
{I hope my babies find such a wonderful group of God and fun loving teenagers as I had the privilege to hang with. }
My friend Becky and I even wrote poetry about M.F. (don't ask) so, Becky K, this last one's for you:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Amelie Says...

"Mommy, you're not weird.
You're special!"
I'm so glad someone finally noticed =)

ToysRQuestionable And A Published Author In The Family!

I was doing laundry at my in law's home and decided to flip through the Sunday circulars.

Much to Amelie's delight a lot of the big "toy books" were included in the pile so we perused them together.

I was disturbed when the 2 page spread featuring "learning toys" included 20 different types of electronic games.

Every heard of a book Toys R Us?

I know...featuring books would be more appropriate for Barnes and Noble but I still find it a little shocking.

As if the page entitled "learning toys" wasn't horrifying enough we kept flipping to the board game page.

Board games--innocuous, right?


There was a section featuring *PINK* board games--you know....old favorites but in a pink box so that you'll be tempted to buy one for your daughter.

And directly under a sweetly smiling face of a young girl were her favorite games including:

Ouija...but in pink of course...cause that makes it ok.

Want to take a look for yourself? I couldn't save pictures of the flyer but you can find it here.

***And for something completely different***

My Aunt Judy is now a published author!

And of all things, she wrote a sweet little learning book!

Way to go Aunt Judy!!!!!!!

Ok...enough of my overly dramatic soapbox...I'll trick Amelie into saying something cute so I have a happy post later =)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Amelie says: "Mommy, Jesus is a lot like me!"

Shelly: "Oh really, Amelie?"
Amelie: "Yes. Jesus loves roll ups (fruit roll ups) and I love roll ups.
Jesus also likes candy. Candy is my favorite treat. Jesus loves candy.
And cupcakes. Jesus and I like cupcakes."
Shelly:"And how do you know all that?"
Amelie: "Well, I just know we are a lot alike.
Jesus slept in the manger and I slept in a tent!
Jesus is my friend."

Amelie, my darling one, I'm not sure Jesus is a lot like you, but I'm glad He's your friend and I pray that you'll grow up to be a lot like Him!

Meh(on)day....Not Me Edition

Mck Mama started a meme--Not Me Monday--Here's my contribution =)
Today I am not getting over the remnants of Amelie's cold and am definitely not absolutely miserable from a combination of lack of sleep and too much caffeeine.
I was not so tired this morning that I poured Amelie a total of three bowls of cereal before I actually poured the one she requested.
I'm not so tired and grumpy that I did not put up a fight when my husband suggested he come home during his free periods to watch the girls so that I could sleep.
I did not nap for that solid hour--Nope, not me!
Furthermore, I am not so tired and grumpy that I didn't put up a fight when Amelie begged Mr. Wonderful to take her to school for the rest of the morning.
I did not happily wave goodbye.
And I am not currently letting Maeve play on top of the table making phone calls to strangers because it makes her happy.
Even if I were letting her do that, which I'm not...
I would *eventually* unplug the phone so would stop making real calls.
And least of all, I am not typing a blog instead of entertaining a mini-miserable-me-Maeve.
What did you Not-Not do today?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Would You Have Been My Friend? A.K.A. Yearbook Yourself

I've seen a lot of people post pictures of themselves a la yearbook yourself and thought I'd give it a spin =)
Here's me in the 50s
(they aren't TOO scary--just a little disturbing)
the 60s/70s
(that first one, YIKES! but otherwise not horrible)

70s/80s's getting more interesting...
This is their version of the year I graduated--
I think it's fairly accurate (only a little less blonde =)
Now for the one that makes my insides shrivel up and die, feast your eyes on 1984:

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A *Wonderful(s)* Day

We had a family reunion today.
I love reuniting with my family.
They make my heart warm.
Maeve was a mad woman on a mission to walk every square inch of Granny and Pop's lovely home.
Amelie was high on no sleep and candy.
We had delicious food, cake and presents and all sorts of fun family bonding time.
I need a nap now.
Family bonding time is exhausting.
Actually, I find everything is exhausting.
Except for blogging.
Blogging makes my heart sing.
I leave you with part of our favorite bedtime book (courtesy of our my dear friends Deb and Lyd upon the birth of Amelie)
which I can not find and can not double check this against:
Goodnight Moon
Goodnight Light and the red balloon
Goodnight bears
Goodnight chairs
Goodnight clocks
Goodnight socks
Goodnight kittens and goodnight mittens
Goodnight comb
Goodnight brush
Goodnight nobody
Goodnight mush
(and Goodnight to the old lady whispering hush)
Goodnight stars
Goodnight air
Goodnight noises bloggers everywhere

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That...

The Gifting Granny Of The East Strikes Again!
She picked up two of the cutest stinkin' skirts ever at a local boutique--
the one Amels is modeling below has a built in music box that plays the Chicken dance...
(We were singing it all day yesterday=)
Another, so cute with polka dots, plays the Hokey Poke (sp?).
Thanks Granny for hours of fun!

Arabesque (In Your Face)

The Lies Women Believe...About Children AND Shelly's Ramblings About Her Beliefs

I think it's really really interesting that NLD has written a Bible study which includes chapters on having a Christian Marriage and Raising Children in the faith when the author is single...
She has an excellently logical perspective on married relationships and child-bearing but logic and knowledge of the heart are two different things.
In her chapter on children she discusses hot topics like birth control (she's again' it)
raising your children in the faith (she's against Barbie dolls too and public school and media)
not assuming your children love Jesus just because they say they do (here here!)
I've always been of the mindset that God is the one who determines the size of our families and that no amount of, or lack of, birth control will change the predestined size of your family.
The conservative side of my heart is totally against birth control however the logical side of my heart is for it since:
a: you can only fit so many children in an apartment or a four door car
b: you ought to be able to afford to feed and clothe the children you do have
**Balancing faith and stewardship--where does one end and the other begin?**
I haven't a clue.
I've also been increasingly convicted over the last year about the television.
I love tv!
Growing up it was my best friend and constant companion and still, it remains a love of mine.
But...when I think about the stuff on tv--the stuff I love, I have a hard time fitting it into the category of "Things That Bring Glory To God"
I've cut way back on my watching but I'd love to chuck it right out of the house but, my sweet husband wouldn't love that or me for doing it, so for now, it stays and the conviction nags on.
I know, you can just keep it off right? Easier said than done my friend!
As for whether or not Christians should put their children in public school (so as to be a light), Christian school (to see their faith in every subject) or home school (to be raised in the way that they should go) I can see the validity of each method.
I went to each type of school and really enjoyed each one.
As for me and my house? I'm leaning towards elementary homeschooling and high school Christian schooling...but that's a few years off and I'm still thinkin' on things.
I think the most valuable part of the chapter, for me, was the section on not assuming your children will rebel along with not assuming your children are Christians b/c they prayed the sinners prayer at a young age.
I've seen so many people with rebellious children say,
"Well, once upon a time my child prayed to the Lord so they must be saved even though they are in a long standing pattern of rebellion."
Do Christians rebel? Sure do!
This one did (although more inwardly as opposed to outwardly).
But in a Christian there should be evidence of the hand of God in their lives
--the fruits of the Spirit--
a desire to bring honor to God.
I pray with all of my heart that my sweet girls choose to serve the Lord--not just because it's the lifestyle of our family but because the Lord has moved their hearts to love Him.
I'm so thankful to be a part of Ladies Bible Study this year.
I wish I had done it sooner but I'm more of a "stayathomeandhide" type than a "getoutandupandgotype"
Glory be to God for slowly and painfully bringing me out of my Shelly shell and into the mix a little bit more.
Now, off to do the important things--like the eat the loaf of bread I just made, continue working on a new blog background and take a nap =)

Shelly Is...

watching her toddler act like a baby and her baby act like a big girl...
Full moon anyone?

Excuse Me While I

Redecorate =)
I'm trying to learn how to make/size my own background creations and I'm not smart enough to figure it out...yet....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beacuse I Don't Have The Strength To Blog About Anything *Real* Today

29 Things In Honor Of My 29 Years (Seen here)
1. Where is your cell phone? in my awesome green purse
2. Where is your significant other? teaching a piano lesson at school
3. Your hair color? brownish--soon to be darker brownish
4. Your favorite thing? baby/toddler/husband kisses
5. Your dream last night? you have to sleep to have dreams right....?
6. Your dream/goal? To raise my children to Love Jesus
7. The room you're in? kitchen/diningroom/livingroom
8. Your hobby? taking and editing pictures, and color coordinating my life
9. Your fear? Chickens
10. Where do you want to be in six years? Living in the country with my husband and babies
11. Where were you last night? home watching FRINGE
12. What you’re not? watching brothers and sisters online b/c my computer won't let me
13. One of your wish list items? Canon 50 mm Lens AND PHOTOSHOP CS3
14. Where you grew up? Upstate NY
15. The last thing you did? Cut up Maeve's lunch
16. What are you wearing? knee high polka dot socks my fav black skirt and my new blue shirt from old navy--thanks honey!
17. Your TV? is playing Baby Praise
18. Your pet? Is someone else's now.
19. Your computer? PC (pretty crappy...har har)
20. Your mood? meh
21. Missing someone? Amelie--she's at "school"
22. Your car? The Green Machine Geo Prizm...
23. Something you’re not wearing? a sweater--i cranked the heat up
24. Favorite store? Wegmands
25. Your summer? too fast
26. Love someone? Not someone, SomeMany
27. Your favorite color? Green
28. When is the last time you laughed? today when visiting my sweet husband
29. Last time you cried? last night

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Maeve's Birthday Photo Shoot Featuring Optional Titles (She's a natural!)

"Maeve on the Move"
"Birthday Box"
"Looking for an escape route"
The "Tyra" or "Top Model" Pose

"Yay I'm 1!"

"The Diva"
"Stop In The Name Of Beacon!"
Now, aren't you glad I shared?

Things That Make You Go Meh...

Maeve had her 1 year check up at the doctors today!
And yes, we get shots so the checkups are a bit sad at the end but I like seeing how my babies are growing and of course, discussing with the Doctor how amazing they are.
Ht: 27 inches (5-10%)
Wt: 17.7 pounds (5%)
I was a little bummed that Maeve had only gained 6 ounces in the last 3 months! And before that she had only gained 1 pound in 3 months (Amelie at this age was 21!)
So, my Maeve is going to start drinking Pediasure for some extra calories and we'll see if she's bulked up at a weight check in a month.
I'm not worried about her--I actually think she's growing perfectly and her weight/height are in perfect proportion so, I think she's just tapered off and is going to be on the smaller side, but, we'll humor the Doctor and go back to keep an eye on things.
We waited 50 minutes today for our appt--ugh.
Maeve was a champ and lived through it and the 9 million kids in the waiting room who were sick and sharing our same air--let's hope this well check doesn't end up in a sick visit--who ever heard of a pediatrician with only ONE waiting room?
Ok, ok...done ranting.
ON a brighter note--I went to the Treehouse Coffee Shop with friends today and drank a Cafe Mocha that was TDF!!! Must go back...and Soon!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 20, 2008

For The Northern Grandparents--The Birthday Song and Maeve watching Amelie open her presents

Poor little Maeve was so tired during our "W"onderful Family celebration that she didn't eat any cake and went to bed right after Happy Birthday!

Amelie however, was in her glory and ate up all the attention, played with and opened all of the presents and entertained our family!

Thanks for coming Granny and Pop, Ryan and Cayla and Ali! You made this day so special! We love you all! We missed you PLL!

Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Maeve!

Where oh where did the year go? My littlest little one is ONE today! She has brought so many wonderful changes to our family--we are more joyful and whole for having her.
Little Maevey V--
You light up our lives!
I'm so thankful that God chose us for you and pray that you grow up to love Him!
Happy birthday sweet girl!
Love, Mama (and the rest of the Wonderfuls)
Maeve is eating like a big girl, walking like a big girl and sleeping better than her big girl sister--Go Maeve! We can't wait to see what you do next year!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wherein I Discuss The Mundane Details Of My Life

The weekend is always such a blur...the get away from me and then I can't remember a thing I did so for posterity, my weekend:
Birthday shopping for the Maevenator
I *heart* Lakeshore Learning store!

Grocery shopping (I also *heart* Wegmans!)
Long coma-like naps
Impromptu late night trip to the Children's Museum
--so fun and uncrowded--
Amelie performed for 20 minutes on the stage a one girl rendition of Michael Jackson's Thriller. (Suhweet.)
Movie/dinner night with friends. Friends Rock.
(As does getting out of the house childless)

More Coma-naps
Maeve's 1st Birthday Photo Shoot--Best photo shoot EVER! A million cute pictures and we were done in about 5 minutes.
There you have it! Scintillating, no?
I leave you with a picture of Maeve, walking into the future towards *1*

Ah! So Funny It Hurts Me.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Picture of Maeve's Birthday Suit

Remember the Gap dress I was salivating over for the Maevenators big day?
Isn't it lovely?
Well, I decided that $40 was too much for a dress (even with a coupon and birthday money) so I went in a different entirely different direction....
Meet skull embellished t shirt, ladybug skirt (from TCP--thanks to the coupons I get in the mail every 5 minutes) and black and white striped tights from la Gap.

Tres charmant!
And ever so much more the Mama's personality than the baby's...but that's what having kids is all about....
Scarring them for life and so that they can make it up to you during their teen years.
Have a good night, and as always, the amazing parenting advice is totally free. =)

Seen On A Church Sign

"Prevent truth decay

brush up on your Bible."
Ah, those witty Protestants.
I wonder if the people who write fortune cookies know about the people who write church
I'm sensing potential for a collaboration.
Just sayin'...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Unlucky 13

13 years ago I was pulled over in front of my high school for going 5 mph over the speed limit.
I was handed a ticket in front of my friends and foes and have driven like a nun ever since.
Fast forward to today.
I was leaving a fabulous little birthday party with two crying babies in the back seat.
I was driving in an unfamiliar area.
I thought my turn was approaching so I moved into the left turn lane and promptly after turning left was pulled over by a police officer.
It seems I entered the turn lane too soon.
I was sure when he saw my screaming babies, my SPOTLESS driving record
(that spot 13 years ago was reduced to a non-moving violation, so I was spot free until today), and the fact that I was lost-ish that he would give me a warning.
Instead he stood in front of my car picking leaves off of my grill for 5 minutes.
Walked to his car.
Wrote me a ticket.
Handed me a ticket.
Bid me adieu and sent me off to "drive safely."
Way to go NJ--Excellent job keeping the career hardened criminals off the streets or at least, terrified behind the wheel and determined never to drive again.
I feel that it must have happened for "a reason"
(you know, aside from me inadvertantly breaking the law and all=)
there were just too many weird variables for me to think otherwise
(we were going to leave the party 10 minutes earlier but then Amelie caught wind of a pinata and it was all down hill from there AND being pulled over for the lamest reason ever--at least get me when I'm a speed racer!).
When I figure out what the reason/lesson was I'll let you know.
'Cause I'm dependable like that.
{And a little bit more humble because of the experience}
Peace and just say no to left turns!

Walker {Texas Ranger} Jersey Baby

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A *Sigh.... Says It All

I've been thinking a lot lately about the blessings in my life and at the top of the heap of all of those blessings are my husband and my sweet girls.
There are some blessings we receive in this life that don't look so much like blessings but in hindsight, you can see that they were indeed.
I just found out that yesterday, October 15, was the National Day of Remembrance for all pregnancy and infant loss, through a blog I happened upon.
I often think about the two children I lost to miscarriage and dream about
what they would have looked like
smelled like
felt like
dressed like (you know i can't help it)
lived like
Boys? Girls? Both?
(I can't wait to meet them in Heaven, what a blessing the thought is!)
Nothing ever grew me so hard or stretched me so much as the loss of my little ones.
May 22, 2006
December 5, 2006
will forever be etched in my memory.
For months and months my soul in agony cried out in anger, despair and rebellion to the Lord.
"Why did you take these from me? They were mine! Why are you letting me go through this? Feel this? I have lived my life for you! Where is my reward?!"
What a messed up, backwards thinker I was.
There is nothing in my life that isn't there by the grace of God,
nothing I have that doesn't belong to Him first,
nothing I have that isn't exactly what I need.
God is good.
I learned more through the devastating loss of my babies than through anything else I have ever experienced.
I have learned more about His grace, His presence, His power and His love through this loss which has never really lost its sting.
I can say I've healed because He healed me.
I can say I'm whole because I lived through being broken.
Just when I was at my lowest He lifted my eyes to see His face.
Not by my might have I recovered but by His.
Glory be to God and all praise be to His most excellent name.

Extra Extra Read All About It! Barak Obama EATS Babies!

Yet another reason not to vote for him...
Barak Obama is a closet baby eater.
See here:

Hahahahaha....ok, ok, just kidding with the inflammatory title and all.
But seriously, that baby is like, "Get me to a McCain convention!"
Carry on with your day now...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We are trying to get in the swing of our new schedule.

Preschool three days a week is wonder-full--

Amelie loves it!

I have gotten a lot of exercise the last two days b/c of it so I suppose that is a good thing.

Our day FLIES by though!

Usually we are a very lazy--one thing to do per day--type of crowd.

Wednesdays with dance class, preschool and awana might be pushing it--

We shall see.

The good news?

Amelie is back to naps.

All of this adjusting is hard work!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pleasantly Surprised That I Haven't Lost My Mind (Yet...)

I ordered some shoes for Amelie from Children's Place online and they finally came!

Imagine my surprise when there were two large boxes from children's place on the porch--

"they shipped them separately..."

i figured...

lo and behold I opened a box and instead of shoes TWO silver holiday outfits waited inside:

frantically I ripped through the packaging--

you see, when I window shop, sometimes I place things in my online basket and I thought that I had mistakenly placed the silver outfits (which I can NOT afford) in the cart with the clearance shoes for Amelie (which I can barely afford AND now have to return because they don't fit).

I scrounged up the packing slip and breathed a DEEP and satisfying sigh of relief when I found the message:

"Merry Christmas! Love Granny and Pop Pop of the East"

Wow....That was a close one!

Granny and Pop-pop--the girls will look totally awesome in their christmas dresses!

Yay and THANK YOU!!!

Hopelessly and Forever Awkward

Have you ever met somebody at a place and time in which you didn't expect to meet/see them and it totally throws your brain for a loop?
Like...meeting a work friend when your hair is in curlers at the grocery store or an everyday friend at work and your brain just...
does not compute.
I met someone the other day and my heart screamed:
You know this person!
You know this person!
You know this person!
and your brain whispers:
Give me three days to figure out who it is.
Give me three days to figure out who it is.
Give me three days to figure out who it is!
In light of this,
A letter to my brain:
Dear brain,
I do so much for you
shower you
feed you
house you
and what do I get in return?
An ever-lengthening list of socially awkward moments.
Thanks but no thanks.
Yours truly until I forget my own name,

A Sketch, Of My Girl, In Honor Of Her First Day of School

I miss you already Amelie!
I hope you loved your first day of preschool!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Stupid Craigslist

Now I want everything you are selling!
Didn't I just write a blog about being content?

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait, The Blog That Almost Wasn't And A Mouse In Time Saves Nine A.K.A. Stream of Consciousness is all I can muster

Happy Columbus Day!
(What did he ever do for me and why does he have a day? I'm pretty sure he didn't really even discover America...but anyways)
I love fake holidays and the fact that my husband got a half day out of this one--
Glory be to God!
I made the find of the century on craigslist and scored a nearly new toy for Maeve's birthday!
(next week! and no toys or plans or anything to speak of)
Yay for the fisher price kitchen of her dreams!
Disaster almost struck today when I tried logging on the internet and my mouse didn't work--
the tab button can only take you so far--
so glad my husband snatched an extra unwanted mouse from school so that I could blog today know, the important things.
My Amelie didn't nap today so I'm counting down the hours until 7:00 pm bedtime
(oh! and in happy news she stayed in her big girl bed and out of her crib all night for the first time since...well, since forever)
The husband has piano lessons tonight
(major bummer dude)
but I have a laundry basket full of baby girl clothes to put on ebay--
with luck I'll break even, ha!
Where's the stinkin' UPS man?
I've been waiting for him and the tidings of joy box of children's place shoes (on clearance, score!) he's supposed to be bringing me ALL DAY!

Spontaneity Saves The Day

We had a nice relaxing Sunday
--with no plans and a happy little nap time--
Upon waking I realized that our friends, Jon and Carrie would be in town performing/leading worship at our other good friends' Sarah and Josh's church.
(Say that five times fast)
So we made the trek to Lancaster after dinner last night
(Oh Lancaster, how I love thee and wish to live on your green grass, I'll convert to Amish, really I will)
and had a lovely time catching up briefly with some of our favorite people in the land.
(and as a bonus got to meet Jon and Carrie's baby for the first time-
-he is big and boy and beautiful)
When I was sitting in the service listening to Jon and Carrie sing/lead and sitting next to/singing with Josh and Sarah I couldn't help but think of Heaven when we'll get to worship with our best friends every single day.
Won't that just be something?
Until then, I'm glad for a spontaneous trip to Lancaster and a few short hours spent with old friends.
(oh, and J and C have excellent song choosing skills because they had us sing my favorite hymn--Be Thou My Vision-
most excellent, and Sarah--I wikied BTMV just por vous)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Favorite Kind of Sailing--Yard Sailing (Har Har)

Today was the HH town yard sale.
Town yard sales ROCK.
We got some amazing arm fulls of .50 clothing brand new with tags.
It's all superfluous of course, but new clothes with new tags for .50 makes my heart go pitter pat!
We also found some fun princess paraphernalia which made the noisy one happy.
{She's a dream when she's high on princess paraphernalia.}
The sale across the street put everything they didn't sell on the curb so we also scored a brand new portable baby booster seat.
And on a totally unrelated note, I went to the movies with my pal Amy today--
yay for movies and pals and the tissues I stuffed into my purse because Nights of Rodanthe is not all rose colored glasses.
On another totally unrelated note it is wonder-full to have family in the area.
I like it.
A lot.

Time Flies All The Time {Except For When You're Standing Still}

We went to the park the other night (oh how i love going to the park as a family!)

Maeve was having way too much fun trying to climb up the slide

--it was a dream come true--

two steps forward, 3 steps back the whole time

at least she was easy to keep an eye on


Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween-ie and Heartbreak

It's official: Amelie is going to be Alice in Wonderland for Halloween:
Ooo La La!
Now for the heartbreak--as you know I've been doing some dress research for Maeve's impending birth-day. I've searched high and low for something fabulous and cheap. I was looking at Macy's today and found the PERFECT dress--to die for! It was 70% off! It was beautiful and oh so perfect--it was iridescent fabric with beautiful hand sewn embroidery/sequins--sounds gaudy but was really just fabulous. It was technically her size (12 months) but seemed small so I had them search and see if there was another one in the store and supposedly there was but we couldn't find it. Major bummer dude. The search continues! Oh, and if you're wondering what Maeve will be for halloween I'm thinking hand-me-down Amelie's first halloween frog know, cause she's one and has no idea what's going on and all..=)

Illusive Image A.K.A. Aha! By Jove She's Done It!

Maeve has been taking steps for a few weeks now but I've yet to committ any to film until today! My camera has been at the ready and finally finally finally I was able to get a solitary shot of her hot steppin'
Enjoy =)

The Music Man

I'm married to the music man.

Didn't you know?

I got to thinking about this because of Bible study yesterday--

the women were sharing ways that we can fit extra snippets of the Word into our lives--

through memorization, verses written out around the house etc.

I didn't share out loud because I didn't think I had anything relevant to add but the more I thought about my little family and our sweet life together, it occurred to me:

Our home is chock full of music!

We are always singing together-

-songs about the Lord, serving Him, praising Him,

(not to mention songs about anything we're doing at any given minute--like, folding the laundry, doing the dishes, disciplining Amelie, singing the babies to sleep, driving in the car, everything and anything is game)

It is a special blessing to always have the ability to worship the Lord through song--it's easy, doesn't take preparation and always puts us in a better frame of mind.

So next time you think,

"Gee, I don't have time to dive into the Bible right now."

Try singing a praise song and thinking of the Wonderfuls will just be an added bonus =)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Lies Women Shelly Believe(d)

Bible study with God fearing women is wonder-full.
(Can I get an Amen?)
Today we discussed another chapter in our book, Lies Women Believe and this one hit close to home--real close.
" A Career Outside the Home Is More Fulfilling Than Being A Wife And Mother"
When I first had my Amelie girl, I can remember sitting at home and fuming:
"I used to be an art teacher! I used to be somebody! I have an education! I am talented and an asset to the education community and now I'm wiping spit up off my face 30 times a day!"
(literally, Amels was a wicked reflux-er...sorry about the tangent)
I thought if only I could go back to earning money and teaching and doing something I was really good at I wouldn't be so sad and lonely and feel like a stranger in my own skin.
I had defined myself as "Art Teacher" and I had no idea who I was apart from that title.
When my six months of baby-leave were up I looked into her sweet face and decided that for all the money and respectability and status in the world, there was no way I could leave her.
Fast forward a few years and if you've read my blog for a while, you know that I was offered a lucrative position with short hours teaching art.
(And I was perfect for that job and it felt good to be wanted, needed even, for my skills, experience and ability)
You know that I turned down that job because my husband wisely decided that it was more important to have a peaceful, stress-free home environment with me here running the show.
I agreed with him to some extent but was SO angry and annoyed that now I couldn't:
afford a new car
new clothes
save money towards a house
buy buy buy
save save save
I was bitter and childish for many weeks before I realized that--
he was right.
He knew that if I was teaching (even such a short amount of time) that I would be overwhelmed and grumpy and that our house just wouldn't be peaceful.
My Madre told me something that has always stuck with me--
If you are working you won't have the energy to take care of your family--you will want to spend time taking care of yourself and being resentful of them for needing you (paraphrased).
This might not be true for everyone--but for me--it is!
I am easily overwhelmed and a perfectionist so to work with Maeve so young and Amelie so needy and a husband who is very busy would have stretched our family too far.
I'm so thankful that God has given me a wise and loving husband and mother who have helped me to make sense of life and more than that, I am thankful for His word and His plan and the knowledge that:
I am enough.
Just as I am.
As a mother.
I don't need an income to feel valuable and I don't need a new car or a big savings account.
But boy oh boy, do I need His strength each and every day to remind me of that!
And on the bright side, if I were working I wouldn't have as much time to blog--now that would be a real tragedy =)

Dreams Can Come True...It Can Happen To You....If You're Young At Heart

Today as I was color coordinating my daughter's closet for the 3rd time in a month I started thinking about life.

(Profound, isn't it?)

Anyways, I decided that if I could start any business--

the business of my dreams would be--

to organize, clean, and de-clutter other people's homes.

When I was younger (and child-free) upon every visit to my parent's house, every college break or high school vacation day, I would spend hours organizing the cupboards, sorting bathroom cabinets, rearranging, hanging and neat-en-ing my parents' closets, dressers and closets.

I find that organizing other's things is much more fun and exciting than organizing my own.

So someday, if I start a business, you'll all have a heads up.

I like to make sure you're in "the know" and all =)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Art of Folding Laundry

I picked up some laundry we had left at my in-law's home today and was happily surprised to find it folded.
I should amend that so say, perfectly folded--
you know, perfect creases, towels lined up like soldiers, or like ducks all in a row...
--the kind of folding I have NEVER had a knack for.
My Madre?
Excellent clothes folder.
My Grandmother?
She was the kind who could make fitted sheets stand at attention and humbly submit themselves into a perfectly folded square.
Even my husband!
Seriously, I used to make fun of him while we dated because he is so careful and neat!
(he folds his clothes like the Gap folds their shirts--he could open up a business called,
"Perfect Shirt Folders R US"
or something like that)
I am hopeless at folding laundry.
Absolutely hopeless.
Fortunately I can color-coordinate a closet like nobody's business
--it's the little things that bring me JOY.

Second Thoughts

Amelie is to start pre-preschool in a few short days and I am having second thoughts...

Second thoughts not because of her readiness--but of mine!

It's only 3ish hours a week but still, my little big girl-

-the hours go by slowly without her sweet smile.

I know that she'll really love being with the other kids and learning and playing at school so I'm keeping that in mind, it's just hard to keep that in my heart.

I'm already thinking seriously about homeschooling her for elementary school-

the world is scary and big and all I want to do is make it small and comfy for her.

And that, my friends, is what's inside my heart.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Praying People Pray

A former co-worker and friend of mine passed away this weekend.
Greg was a good man-
-funny, dependable and caring and much more--
He will be missed by many!
Please pray for Greg's family as he leaves behind 3 very young girls, a wife and lots of grieving family and friends.
GREGORY F. TREFZ Of Oaklyn and formerly of Tabernacle, on October 5, 2008, age 36. Husband of Shelly Trefz (nee Latini). Adoring Dad of Sarah,Riley & Emilia, son of Berry & Lou Trefz of Mystic Island, son-in law of Carl & Gerri Latini of Oaklyn. Brother of Lou (Teri) Trefz, Jr. of Lumberton and Chris (Wendee) Trefz of Shamong, brother-in law of Carl (Ann Marie) Latini of Oaklyn and Pete (Brie) Latini of Collingswood, additionally survived by many aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. Greg grew up in Tabernacle & lived in Oaklyn the last 7 years. A member of the Shawnee High School Classof '90, Greg received a Degree in Social Sciences from the Univ. of Southern Colorado. Mr. Trefz was a Certified School Social Worker employed at Archway in Atco the last 11 years, and presently serving as the Dean of Students. Viewing Wednesday 7:00 to 9:00 PM in BLAKE-DOYLE FUNERAL HOME, 226 Collings Ave., Collingswood.Funeral Thursday 9:30 AM at the FUNERAL HOME, SERVICES at 1100 AM. The family respectfully suggests memorial contributions to Trefz Children Education Fund, c/o 111 Woodlynne Terrace, Oaklyn, NJ 08107.

Shelly Believes That...

* tina fey and sarah palin were separated at birth
* preservatives add flavor
* the best part of the day is from 5-7 am
* God is good, even when He doesn't make sense
* fashion sense is more fun than good sense or common sense
* you should live your life with *flair*
* a blog a day keeps me sane
* pushing daisies is the best show on tv
* tv is an extraordinary waste of time (but i'm in love with it anyway)
* there aren't many things that smell better than fall air
* wegmans is an oasis in the barren desert of Jersey
* the redhead is so close, yet so far
* mac, pc, tomato, tom-ah-to
* obama : mccain :: evil : lesser evil
* the cone tastes better than the ice cream
* it took me far too long to realize that old navy, gap, target toddler clothes run small, gymboree runs big and childrens place clothes are just right
* baby burps are hilarious
*my girls become more lovely and wonder-full every single day

Monday, October 6, 2008

All I Want For Christmas Is...

that's all...really =)

The Things We Do To Our Children

I was cleaning under Amelie's bed this morning and found a box with a lonely little baby costume in it and just HAD to had to had to see if it still fit Maeve.
Behold, The Pea Pod:
fyi--She was real mad at me, but I had to document the evidence =)

The Lies Women Believe

When I saw the books our church was going to use for our upcoming Bible study I cringed.
I'm not a big fan of Nancy Leigh De Moss--
(if you think I'm extra conservative she's ultra conservative)
She's written more than a few things I really disagree with-
-however, we believe all the same really important stuff,
so I decided to forget about it and focus on the good stuff.
and I am so glad that I did!
The gist of the book is replacing the lies of this world with truth from God's word.
One of the chapters that really hit home discussed some of the lies in particular that we live as though we believe that God isn't enough for us--
for example--
something I struggle with a lot is contentedness, mostly in the area of our vehicles--
You see, my husband and I both have extremely old, ugly, small cars
(well, I think 12 and 13 years old is extremely old for a car =)
I had such a bad attitude every time I try to smush my car seats, and my strollers, and the laundry and the groceries in the car--
the knobs fall off when i switch the heat settings
we just had to spend hundreds replacing the tires and fixing the alignment
the door handle broke off
the locks don't work
and it makes
Seriously? God has given me so much--why do I feel as though I need a new car to be happy? I have never lived my life as though having God was enough-
-I"ve always wanted more-
-a husband, children, career, education etc..
when I need to learn to live contentedly and as if God really IS enough for me.
It's gonna take me a while to work on that one...but I am working...
and my car isn't that bad...
it gets good gas mileage, is FREE, and dependable
Although, I will admit that I cringed a little a lot when the man who changed my tires said,
"Oh yeah, this is a good car--it should last you another 100,000 miles (read 8 more years). "

A Weekend's Worth Of The Wonderfuls Pictures A.K.A. One of the benefits of having Granny around is having someone to take family pictures!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

We're Dedicated!

Today was Miss Maeve's dedication at church!
The "ceremony" (for lack of a better word) is a public commitment before the church family and the Lord that you, as parents, intend to raise your child to be a servant of God.

We were so blessed to have my Madre with us for the weekend and

it was even more special since she could stand up with us!

I feel it is moving and powerful to publicly declare before your church family your intentions to raise a child to love the Lord.

We're so thankful for our church family and for the support and friendships we have there--

God bless you little Maeve and God help us as we endeavor to raise you according to His Word, equipping you for His purpose!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Window Shopping

I've never been much of a "window shopper" IRL, however, online, is a different story!

I'm thinking the Children's Place made this outfit, which is the holiday hotness, with my matching girls in mind:

This little red Christmas Sunday number was also from the children's place-

Totally Presh--

And this little number from Gymboree? Tres Chic!

And tra-la-la my favorite of all--

Maeve NEEDS this dress for her 1 year birthday!

Viva La Gap!

Friday, October 3, 2008

All's Well That End's Well

i can't believe the pinkest party on the planet is over
(especially since i spent a month planning the thing!)
it went so well and everyone was mostly happy-
-which for 15 little ones under the age of 4 is a miracle in and of itself!
the room and decorations turned out really well and i was struck with last minute inspiration which was good for me because i have a hard time accomplishing anything unless i'm "inspired" to--it's an artist thing.
there was lots of bouncing and bubbles and dress up and crafting and dancing
(THANK YOU to aunt ali--who totally rocked and got the party hoppin'!)
and cupcakes with gobs and gobs of icing
i'm not really a "party" person--social situations usually leave me feeling drained but it was SUCH a blessing to see all of our friends and i would do it again in a heartbeat...
just not next year
or the year after
or the year after...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

How much air would a blow hard blow if a blow hard could blow air?

FYI--blowing up a large castle shaped bouncy thingy with your own lungs isn't cool.
Even if you only have to blow up 1/3 of it with your own lungs.
The end.

It's The Most Wonder-Full Time Of The Year!

The first day of SOCK season!
And all God's people said, 'Amen!"